Friday, January 3, 2020

NEET Solved Papers | Test yourself

Can we crack the NEET 2020 without coaching classes ?

There are many types of questions in the mind of the students about NEET 2020. for example,

Can an average student clear the NEET?                              
How do I score 650+ in NEET 2020 at the first attempt?  
Can we crack the NEET 2020 without coaching classes ?    
We are giving some suggestions to the students, you can follow them. Always need to remember some points in our mind. There are some key features  which kept  in our mind while preparing the NEET Exam. Like,
1.Set the  daily goals and follow them.
2.Never use mobile phone while studying.
3. Read very sincerely the exam pattern and syllabus.
4.Understand the structure of the exam.
5.Keep a few reference books and study them only. No need to collect all the extra books available in the market for NEET preparation. Only go to https://www.zigya.com/competition/NEET.
6.Avoid extra meals just for the sake of exam. A healthy mind and body is required to concentrate on the exam preparation.

7.  Priority should be paying attention in class, you need to understand everything.
8. To score overall good marks in Neet, try solving last year question papers in 2.4 hours instead of 3.
9.The most important thing to cover in the NEET syllabus is NCERT books of class 11th and 12th physics, chemistry and  biology.
10.Reference books are needed to solve good number of questions with answer. NEET Test series, Especially in physics and chemistry. For biology, go for.. https://www.zigya.com/competition/neet/subject
11.For NEET previous year solved papers only visit our link : -https://www.zigya.com/previous-year-papers/neet/12
12.Make a habit to use only one pen without any rough notebook and minimum space utilization.
13.Say no to pencil and eraser, even for physics and chemistry. Try to solve as possible questions in physics and organic chemistry.
14.Try and complete biology section in 45 to 50 minutes. Don't stick to any question and fill the theoretical questions first in physics as well as chemistry.

Keep one thing in mind : - NEET is just about saving and managing the time.

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